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Durak (or Fool) is a card game, popular in the former USSR countriesDurak / Fool card game rules:A 36 card pack is used in the game (the cards in each suit ranking from ace to 6) and there are from 2 to 6 players. After each player gets 6 cards, the next card is opened and is placed face up on the table. Its suit determines the trumps. The rest of the deck is put above it (the back side upwards) so that everyone can see the trump.The main goal of the game is to get rid of all the cards that a player has in hands. The last player who still has cards in hands is the loser, i.e. a Fool (Durak).The player with the smallest trump card makes the first move. In the following games the player at the left from the Fool makes the first move. The moves go always leftwards and consist in leading one or more cards. The player who defends has to beat the cards by a higher card in the suit or by a trump. If the attacking card is a trump, then it may be only beaten by a higher trump. If the defending player has beaten off all the attacking cards, he then makes the next move. But first all the players should replenish their cards till 6 drawing them from the talon, starting from the player who made the move and ending with the player who was defending. If the defender could not beat off the cards, then he takes them all and the next move is made by a player to the left from him. If four or six players take part in the game, they may play 2x2 or 3X3, when the players staying next but one to each other are partners and do not attack one another. Game features:- three main types of game (classic Durak, throwing in Durak, transfer Durak) - 2,3,4 player game- easy control- artificial intelligence will make you sweat in order to win- a global “cloud” table of scores will keep your achievements safe even if something happens to your device,- multiuser mode (multiplayer) will let you play Durak with the players from all over the world. Now the classic and the throwing in Durak are available in the multiplayer- private rooms to play the game online with your friendsIf you are tired of Poker or Solitaire, mind-bending chess or checkers, unchanging backgammon or dominoes, then the Russian Durak card game should be your choice. If there is no internet connection then the smart Al will be your decent competitor. If internet connection is not a problem - then show your skills in a Durak online game!